Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nice riddles from Might and Magic

Dig up some of my CDs and i found Might & Magic games. Remind me of my secondary time whereby me and my friends cracking riddles and word puzzles, it was kinda funny solving them. To those that read this blog, try to solve as many as u can. I did solve all of them with my friends during my sec2 time hope u enjoy it. Will update more riddles from those games i played during secondary school time, if You have any nice riddles kindly post in the comment.

*Spoiler answer will be post in the comment so try your best to solve it before looking at the answers.

Here goes the riddles from Might & Magic:

1) I have a Head. I have a Tail. But I haven't got a Body.

2) What has teeth but doesn't eat?

3) What is a bull called when it is sleeping?

4) It's a part of Heaven, though it touches the Earth. Some say it's valuable, others say no worth.

5) I am so simple, that I can only point. Yet I guide men all over the world.

6) What three letters make a man of a boy?

7) What pine has the longest and sharpest needles?

8) What crosses the river but doesn't move?

9) What runs smoother than any rhyme, loves to fall but cannot climb!

10) What is made of wood but has never been cut?

11) What has roots as nobody sees, is taller than trees, up, up, it goes, and yet never grows?

12) What can go all over the world when stuck in one corner?

13) What gets heavier the more it dries?

14) Great as a house, strong as a giant, walking mountain, ears like sails.

15) I am a box with no corner or side. I hold a golden treasure inside. What am I?

16)If all colors of light come together, what color light do you get?

17) What is always too late?

18) Sometimes I wave, sometimes I itch. I can grow very tall. I can be crossed with gold. What am I?

19) I am nothing, yet I have value. What am I?

20) You can play with me but... I can suck your blood!

21) Who has a hat but no head, a foot but no shoe?

22) Which fruit has seeds outside the flesh?

23)What do a trumpet and a car engine have in common?

24) I have many keys but usually only two or three locks. What am I?

25) I have legs but can't walk, and a top but no bottom. What am I?

26) A human and a cave have me in common.

27) What is usually placed on a wall, but also is found in one's mouth?

28)What do humans and gears have in common?

29) No matter where I go, I'm always close to home. Wherever I go, I always leave a silver trail behind me.

30) An untiring servant it is, carrying loads across the muddy earth. But one thing that cannot be forced is a return to the place of its birth.

31) This engulfing thing is strange indeed. The greater it grows, the less you see.

32) I can be clean which isn't seen' I can be dirty and make you scurry. I can make you dead or alive!

33) Who (or what) knows all languages?

34) I look down on you, but I do not notice if you look back. Though no embarrassment or shame befalls ones I gaze upon, still all become flushed eventually when I do so.

35) What got four wings, but cannot fly?

36) I am used to "work" a circle, though some like to eat me. What am I?

37) I go round and round to eat my tail. I go real well with a wedding veil. What am I?

38) I am the only number who's spelling is in alphabetical order. What am I?

39) What is a door when it's not a door?

40) What is so bright in the day and very far away?

41) What is between the sea of night and the land of day?

42) What turns everything around but does not move?

43) Voiceless it cries, wingless it flutters, lifeless it dies, bodiless it shudders. What is it?

44) Glitters, but is not gold, harder then stone.

45) You'll never touch it, but it will follow you, get ahead of you or be right next to you?

46) What has ears but cannot hear?

47) What goes up and down but never moves?

48) Turn us on our backs and open our stomachs, you will be the wisest of men, though at the start a lummox. What am I?

49) What passes by and never stops?

50) You peel away the outside, then cook the inside. Then you eat the outside, and throw away the inside. What is it?

51) What has an eye open but never sees?

52) What cannot be seen but only heard, and will not speak until spoken to?

53) What is always coming but never arrives?

54) I once could see, but now I'm blind. I could speak, but I am silent. Now I'm just white and empty.

55) Completely round is fairly rare.
Bright and shiny when I'm there.
When I'm not, they call me new.
But I'm old. Older than you.

56) There was a round green house. Inside the green house there was a white house. Inside the white house there was a red house. Inside the red house there were lots of babies. What is it?

57) What is something that fades and go over time but some of its residue will always remain?

58) A long snake with a stinging bite, I stay coiled up unless I must fight.

59) What has no beginning and no end?

60) What Rooms can't you Enter?

61) What is not enough for one, Just right for two, Too much for three?

62) What runs around the whole yard without moving?

63) What falls but never gets hurt?

64) It has a mouth but does not speak, has a bed but never sleeps.


KiAnWee said...

1) Coin

2) Comb

3) Bulldozer

4) Rainbow

5) Compass

6) Age

7) Porcupine

8) Bridge

9) Water

10) A tree

11) Mountain

12) a stamp

13) a towel

14) Elephant

15) Egg

16) White

17) Regret

18) a palm

19) Zero

20) the bat

21) a mushroom

22) Strawberry

23) Valves

24) Keyboard

25) Table

26) Mouth

27) Plaque

28) Teeth

29) Snail

30) River

31) Darkness

32) Air

33) Echo

34) Sun

35) Windmill

36) Pie

37) Ring

38) Forty

39) Jar

40) Sun

41) Dawn

42) a mirror

43) Wind

44) Diamond

45) Shadow

46) Corn

47) Stairs

48) Book

49) Time

50) A Corn cob

51) Needle

52) Echo

53) Tomorrow

54) Skull

55) Moon

56) Watermelon

57) Memories

58) Whip

59) Circle

60) Mushrooms

61) Secret

62) A fence

63) Rain

64) River

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